About Us

Food Product Manufacturing

BHK Food Industry Sdn Bhd produces exceptional rice and food products to the general communities throughout the nation. A well-managed family-based business, BHK Food Industry Sdn Bhd  has been around for the past 25 years, established itself as the preferred supplier of food products. Based from Melaka, we are operating from our delicately planned manufacturing plant in Kawasan Perindustrian Telok Mas.


Founder and owner of the company, having gone through rigorous trainings and on site coaching by the earlier generation notably founders’ father. Through thick and thin of time, several economical cyclical,BHK Food Industry Sdn Bhd  has emerged victorious in its own way.

Products And Manufacturing

Over the years, we have been expanding our product range, widening our scope on types of foodstuff to fulfill the market demand for food products. Better flavours are added to our food series with more marketable packing and packaging.

Our Product Range

We are more widely known for the following products:
1) Puffed Rice
2) Chinese Crispy Rice "bee pang” (traditional Hakka Cuisine)
3) Roasted Rice (organic and conventional types)
4) Bubble Rice
5) Durian Biscuits
6) Pineapple Biscuits
7) Cookies Series
8) Miscellaneous Baking Products

Fresh & Genuine Ingredients

Using only the freshest and genuine ingredients with stringent manufacturing practice, we assure of high quality puffed rice, roasted rice and bubble rice products. We source high graded puffed grains which are made from top quality parboiled and brown rice. Our founder stresses that we only produce our products from pure rice instead of rice flour, for we emphasize top notch traits in our trades at the same time promoting healthy food for all. The end results – crunchy, crispy with fragrant aroma are guaranteed!

Certification & Compliance

We are expanding our baking products range fast to attend to the general demand of our customers nationwide. Expansion to overseas is currently undergoing and prompt delivery to our valued clients are certainly within our capacity. Our production plant is currently in the process of being awarded the HALAL Certification.

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Interested distributors and resellers are welcomed to drop in your queries! We are very delighted to make a lasting introduction to you!